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forexbrokerreviewLooking for the best forex broker?  “Best” being relative here.  Best in terms of what?  Finding the best forex broker for you may be different from the best forex broker for me as our trading goals, systems and strategies differ from each other on an individual trader to trader basis.

For large traders who want managed accounts with an individual assigned forex broker who deals with his account, the “best forex broker” may be the one he personally gets along well with or who responds to his requests for trades or assistance immediately.

For a retail forex trader presumably like yourself, you may define the “best forex broker” as a company that executes your trades accurately via their trading platform.  Or as one that pays out your forex account within one day when you request it.  Or the best forex broker could be the one that has the nicest trading platform or that gives the best spread.

Beginner forex traders tend to look for the best ‘spread’ and or for the lowest account opening balances when they start to trade but soon when they have lost a bunch of money through a crooked forex broker, they try to find the best forex broker.

With a little research, you can find the right Forex broker who is the BEST for you and that can be trusted.

Start by examining the ones below:

Etoro Review

Our Number One Pick

A unique trading experience as you follow other traders who are already making profit! That’s the promise of eToro’s latest trading innovation – the OpenBook social trading network. Test drive for yourself and experience this new way of trading : See for yourself how the million members of eToro’s community are trading right now Follow the strategies of the top traders and spot new trading opportunities for yourself Copy any trade that you want to, at the click of a … Read more...

Easy Forex Review

Easy Forex Review

My foray with Easy Forex was incidental. I didn't plan it but somewhere 2 years ago, I was looking for additional income and got into Forex trading with them. I will be the first to admit that Easy Forex didn't make an instant connection with me.  I think my main grouch has to be the different platform application used compared to the majority of other companies that utilize MT 4 as well as the system of trading. When I first began trading, I made my investments via credit card and realized … Read more...

Forex Yard Review

Forex Yard Review

When I first stared out with Forex Yard some 9 months ago, I didn't seem to like their platform some reason. Let's have a look at my experience with them thus. I think my main concern back then was the somewhat difficulty in withdrawing my funds. It almost always took longer than expected but later on, the issue was sorted out after I contacted their Customer Support. To give them credit, I think their Customer Support is one of the very best I have dealt with in all my experience trading in … Read more...

Dukascopy Review

Dukascopy Review

I must say that I have traded with quite a number of platforms and Dukascopy is but only one of the countless. My experience with other platforms has been used as a yardstick for most of my observations with Dukascopy. I will begin with the execution. I have experienced some problems pertaining to execution whereby it was slipping by as much as a pip every single trade where the 'single click' manual execution is concerned. I am positive I am not the only one judging by similar experiences of … Read more...

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